Wednesday, 15 November 2017

End of year reflections

JAM Testing Data- June and November for 2017 (Year 1).

From the data above we can see that some children have made huge progress compared to when they first started school.They have made progress not only academically but in terms of their confidence and conversations around number talk. They have grown in confidence and are taking more risks now. Students having a go at working out problems without the fear of getting it wrong. They talking about the strategies they used and are becoming confident in using the mathematical terms and language. High level of engagement in the classroom: Working within a group. Peer to peer teaching Completing follow up tasks on their iPad. Developing digital fluency and making connections with the digital language: Copy paste, duplicate, add a page, save your work, close the tabs. All these essential skills and language that will needed as they move up through the school. They are making connections to mathematical terms and language across the curriculum areas for example: In reading page 3 comes before page 4. In writing conversations would be around what happened first, then next and finally. The data shows that when they began school many of the learners where at a stage 0-1(Emergent) in some modules whereas now some children they are at a stage 2-3(At) and even a stage 4(above). The children have come a long way this this learning journey and I am so very proud of each one of them

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