Thursday, 8 February 2018

Focus Inquiry for 2018

I have a class of delightful Year One children. Many of them started school last year and I have a few new entrant children. I consider myself lucky as I have worked with most of the children last year in my CoL role. I see this as a huge advantage for both the students and myself. In saying that I still encountered a few surprises for example, I have 12 boys and only 4 girls. There are about 6-8 children that tend to dominate our class discussions while others are still developing their confidence to participate in discussions.

Our school wide focus is Acquisition of language.

My inquiry will focus on the CoL Achievement Challenge:
#6. Lift achievement in maths for all students Year 1-13.

I will be focussing on language, mathematical terms and concepts. Children will be having conversations, discussions and will be able to explain their thinking to each other.

I have six children in my target group and four of them started school last year. Over the next week, I will be assessing the children's Maths knowledge and strategies.

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