Monday, 23 October 2017

Inquiry Focus Term 4

We are now moving toward the end of the year and many children in my class have made significant progress. There are a few children who are still struggling especially with the holiday break. The first week of school was basically trying to get back into routines and catching up where we left off at the end of Term 3.

My inquiry focus for this term is continuing to work on, mathematical terms, languages and concept especially when solving word problems. Yes, many children can solve number sentences but once given in a word problem they have difficulty comprehending, understanding the question and therefore get the answer incorrect. I find that sometimes children revert to guessing or simply shrug their shoulders. The group that I’ll be working with, will be looking at word problems, understanding and talking about what strategy they have to use to solve the problem but most importantly highlighting key words in the problem that tells us what we need to do. Once again we will be focusing on unpacking and analysing mathematical terms and language.

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