Wednesday, 24 May 2017

"because context matters......inquiry is important" Claire Sinnema

The session focus for yesterday's iPad PLG was to identify how we plan for and design an effective Explain Everything informed by the needs of our learners.
First I shared a programme of learning specifically designed for my target learners. As part of my inquiry I had identified some key maths strategies that I wanted to try in my teaching practise. Key strategies from the research posted here

I shared these with the group along with a lesson that I had planned, taking into account these strategies. While I was sharing we asked the group to notice the key learning points that guided my actions and decision making when planning and designing the learning, including the use of the Explain Everything activity. The slide below shows the lesson and I have also shared a copy of the Explain Everything activity that I had designed.
A copy of the EE file  can also be downloaded here

What we noticed and need to consider when planning for and designing an EE activity.

  • Interest of the learners, engagement, relevance (e.g. visuals and images, colours)
  • Opportunities to share orally - talk with a buddy, project, record voice
  • Opportunities for formative assessment (taking photos of their learning, creating their own EE to share their understandings)
  • Creating with EE in combination with concrete learning experiences to apply new learning (in response to deliberate acts of teaching and their own discoveries)

Designing the PLG to support our teaching as inquiry enabled teachers to consider new strategies and apply them to their practice. It also acknowledged existing teaching practise so the participants were able to explore and make sense of new ideas in their teaching context.
"because context matters......inquiry is important" Claire Sinnema

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  1. Valuable PLG on Wednesday Khismira. The self reflections shared by the teachers in response to what they noticed plus the connections made to the both the research and your practice made for some robust conversations, thanks for posting.