Sunday, 12 March 2017

Making Shapes within Explain Everything

This resource supports teachers and pupils with iPads using Explain Everything as a tool for learning. It is essential for children to learn these skills in order for them to become independent learners. Children learn to draw shapes using the shape tool. They learn to select a shape,colour the shape and manipulate the shape by pinching it to make it bigger/smaller.



  1. Thanks Khismira for this. I used it with my children this week and it worked really well. It was great having a step by step 'how to' for the kids to follow. Especially as it meant there was a different voice and focus for when they needed to listen to the instructions. Look forward to using any others you create.

  2. These videos help the children to rewind their learning. The step by step process is easy to follow with the children able to watch, then do the activities. Showing how to fix mistakes was reassuring for those who are not so confident in using their iPad. Thanks for creating this great resource.