Friday, 25 August 2017

On Monday at our Staff meeting, the CoL teachers had the opportunity to present to the staff and talk about their Inquiry for this Term. It was really interesting to see that every teacher mentioned some of the concerns I have been experiencing with my juniors. I could make connections to what they presented to my inquiry. For example, Rob mentioned about how he had to go back to using materials when he found that his group of children did not understand a maths concept. Andrea talked about learners enjoyment when given tasks to complete. Another teacher talked about mathematical terms and language that our children struggle with completely given a problem to work out.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Teaching and learning

Some of the learners in my group struggle with understanding mathematical language and terms.
I discussed this problem with a colleague(Rachel) that I am presently job sharing with. She talked about a warm up activity that she played with her older children and explained how we could use it in a Year 1 class.

We practised counting backwards with support of materials.

Hypothesis and trends

Children are quite confident in counting forwards. With my teaching experience over the years I have always found that they always struggle when it comes to counting backwards, saying the number that comes before. I think that they may not understand the term before, backward, or that it means one less. Not only have I heard this in the junior school but across most year levels.