Friday, 28 July 2017

Term 3 Focussing Inquiry

We are halfway through the year and some the children in the group that I was working with have progressed and made a shift. The others are making progress but the progress is really slow. Factors that are hindering progress is absenteeism, lateness and learners ability to process concepts and retain information over a period of time. So, this term I have decided to work with a different group of children. I  used the evidence from the JAM data used for reports, OTJ's and reflections. Looking at the data below:

We can see that the children can identify numbers from 1-20. There are a few confusions for the numbers 6 and 9. They can say the number after for numbers 1-10. They can join and spilt a group of objects for numbers 1-10. Looking closely at the JAM test I have found that although they can count backwards from 10-1 they have difficulty saying the number that comes before. They can count on from a given number but struggle with counting back from a given number. 

I think it's important for children to be able to count backwards accurately and confidently which will then help them to solve subtraction problems using counting back strategy. It is also important to start from what they know and then slowly work towards the unknown.

Keeping this in mind for the next few weeks I will be working on counting backwards from any given number from 1-10.