Sunday, 5 August 2018

Digital Fluency Intensive (DFI) : Day 7

In today's session we talked about connections and making learning visible.

Dorothy talked about equality and Equity. It is not about each child havin a device or an iPad but it's what we do with it. This message was very meaning to me. When learning is visible it allows all learners to access the content at anyplace, anywhere and anytime.

This means having these set on default
Class site
Lead the learning visibility through sites.
Hapara teacher dashboard- visibilty into documents
Whanau need to have visibility of leraning through the site Learning outcomes, Assessment Outcomes and WALT (We are learning to)
Sharing learning on their blog
Parental portal -parents have access to children works gets them in to their own childs account.

This is a quote from Stuart McNaughton. It describes the progress of our young children measured longitudinally over three years of national test scores in Writing.

I really enjoyed learning more about Google Keep. I am familiar with Google keep but was good to learn about creating labels and making shopping lists that can be shared with others to make it easier.This was really exciting and the group had lots of fun discovering tips and reminders. Well for me, this is goodbye to paper lists on my fridge.

Google sites:
We had an opportunity to explore teacher's sites, evaluate and set goals for developing our class site.
We are able to connect with ours through our class site and it provides us with an opportunity to share resources and elaborate. It is important that it flows. Gerhard mentioned something most relevant "Three clicks to get to where you need to go"
Each person had a turn to share their site to the Apple T.V and we had to evaluate their site by filling out a Google sheet. This proved to be very useful and I received some good and helpful feedback with some things to work on. It was good to way to receive this feedback and reminds me to always view my site through "Incognito window"- I get to see what my children, whanau (family) and the public see. I enjoyed looking at my colleagues sites especially teachers teaching in higher year levels. Each teacher demonstrated innovation and creativity.

DFI Class Site Critique & Feedback (Responses)

We had a big laugh when Dorothy showed us her Google GPS tile to track basically anything.
-Your child walking home from school
- Children in the shopping malll
-locating lost wallets/keys
-Tracking you luggage when travelling

Always losing your keys and hunting around like crazy!

Tracking a loved ones destination.

Another good day with lots of learning and fun. We have formed good relationships with each other.
Hard to believe that we have only a few sessions left.
Thanks Dorothy and Gerhard for another great session.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the day Khismira. Tiles are a great addition to modern life as is Google Keep.