Sunday, 16 September 2018

DMiC Maths-Term 3 End of term reflections

I have a new group of priority learners that I have been working with this term. I have noticed that they are getting better at sharing their ideas when working with their partners. Classroom norms and culture is well established. They ask questions when they don't understand and ask for help. They know that we are here to learn and it's not about getting it right or wrong but having a go and giving it a try.
A few of them can count up to 50 but have many gaps in their number knowledge. They can count on but struggle with counting back and saying the number that comes before. Within the DMiC lessons they can with their partner's support solve simple word problems but when the numbers increase or the word problem changes from addition to subtraction they find it challenging and get restless. 

Next steps for these children: 
Do a quick assessment of what they know in terms of their number knowledge.
Create activities- could be iPad or hands-on follow-up tasks activities where they can practice number knowledge when not with the teacher at a DMiC group lesson.
Lots of practice maybe with a buddy counting on and counting back. Give them a mixture of problems (addition and subtraction) for numbers up to 20 and then increase the numbers slowly.

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