Friday, 20 July 2018

Digital Fluency Intensive (DFI) : Day 5

Another busy day, with lots of interesting hands on activities. We started the day with making connections. The key points that stood out for me was that:
Teachers now understand that teaching and Manaiakalani are not separate things. We are part and parcel of the Manaiakalani.
Children  must blog 2- 3 times a week and it needs to be quality posts rather than quantity.
We are ambassadors. As we learn at DFI we need to share/support our colleagues, take this message to our principals and it is up to us to change their mindset so that it can benefit our learners.
Gerhard talked about the importance of being connected. The Manaiakalani Programme enables us to be connected in a wider network of schools. Digital technologies enable us to stay in touch and have visibility to see what others are thinking and learning. In 2015 more schools joined the cluster through relationship and a sense of belonging. When we are connected to each other it is more meaningful, it is a long term commitment. 

Learn Create and Share has become contextualised. We all on the same journey, we going through this process and its a journey and we are able to do this together. We have a connection because of a shared language for example: Learn, Create, Share, Cybersmart (right time, right place right attitude)Smart Footprint, Blog comments ( positive thoughtful and helpful). It is important for teachers and children to be referring to this language to empower our learners.

The Manaiakalani website gives us information about toolkits and PLG's. The cluster wide website helps us be connect with other schools. Another way that keeps us connected is the Twitter feed. Every time kids blog it goes to the Manaiakalani twitter feed which engage with the learners. There are over 201 thousand blog posts on is twitter feed.
Another way to create further connection is blog Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu run by Tanya. 
One class is grouped with another 3 classes and each class devotes one week of their time 
to comment on the other classes blog. The children are connected with each other and 
the learning is authentic -(develop Smart Relationships) 

Connected learners share and the connection is two ways, you got to give to get. As educators we have to be prepared to blog on our professional blog and it is a valuable professional learning opportunity. Teachers and learners are creators of content. The second half of the day was with the OMG Tech team. Zoe Timbrell, the co founder and general manager talked about the Future of technology and how we need to open our minds and hearts to new ways of thinking.

The key points that I got from this session:

-As technology expands, technology is blooming. We want to fix in the future, 
making sure our kids have their voice heard. 
-We are makers. Technology is about creating which helps us interact.
How we use technology outside of our screens.
-New Zealand has the most relaxed policies. Our value system is valuable and our technology needs to reflect this. For example: Hapara (Teacher Dashboard) works for us NZ teachers. 
-We have world leading creative technologists for example: Peter Beck, Lord and many others. 
-Creativity and innovation - an important technology is a new form of creativity: play based learning. It is important that children need to play, explore and work together, 
-Creativity and play - digital technology allowing the space to play.

My first attempt at Scratch.
Looking forward to working on Junior Scratch.

I am looking forward to using Junior Scratch with my Year 1 learners on iPads. I  need to practise and get confident with the tools before I can introduce it to my learners. Thank-you, Gerhard for offering to support me with this. 

Taking apart a CD ROM
Two circuit boards.
Lots of tiny screws.

An exciting  part of the day was using a 3D pen. There is a plastic filament inside the pen which is melted before using. These pens are used to make 3D designs on papers or on top of any other shape. I can just imagine how much fun my students will have at creating and making designs  using these pens. May suggest we get some for our Makerspace area. It will be awesome!

Using a 3D pen to create an object. 

Very tricky, but was really amazing. Had lots of fun.

A fantastic day. Lots to practise and talk about and share with colleagues back at school.

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  1. You had so much fun that day- was so sorry to miss it. Thanks for sharing the details here so I could see it through your eyes.