Friday, 4 May 2018

Term 2 DMiC Week 1

We are back from the holidays and I feel that the children settled and are ready to learn. They can follow
classroom routines and most of them can work independently and support the others long enough
for me to do a DMiC lesson. I can split my class into 2 groups and successfully complete a DMiC
lesson on some days. I feel that the children are beginning to follow the norms that have been set up in
my group teaching.
Towards the end of Term 1 a few colleagues that shared the same inquiry focus and decided to
work together to create a rubric for the children to measure their learning.
It was great working together, watching the ideas flow as we shared ideas and some concerns.
We hope that this rubric will be beneficial to the learners and we will be able to see some changes,
improvement or progress compared to our first DMiC lesson.

Our focus is on speaking, talking, listening and responding. We have decided to use a colours
(traffic lights: red, orange, green and the medals: silver and gold) as a visual for our juniors to
track their progress.

 We had a classroom discussion and talked about the rubric and our goals. It is displayed on the classroom wall and we refer too it all the time.

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