Thursday, 15 March 2018

Counting in 2's

This week my focus for my learners was to learn to count in 2’s.

The children worked with their partners to make a number by counting in 2’s. They used materials to complete this task.

What I noticed:
- They worked well with their partner because I deliberately paired them together using my OTJ’s (overall teacher judgement) specifically taking into account children’s:
v character and personality
v social behaviour
v strengths
v weaknesses

There was: 
-Higher level of engagement.
-Turn taking and taking to each other.
-Talking and supporting their partner (He couldn’t write the number 2 so I showed/helped him.)
-staying focused for a longer period than previous lessons.
-watching what others in the group were doing when they were stuck.
-use of mathematical equipment.

My next goal for this group is to work with a buddy and do a similar task with less support from the teacher and eventually this will lead up to completing an iPad activity supporting the learning. (Counting in 2’s). Children can record their voice within Explain Everything and count in 2’s.

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