Monday, 5 June 2017


At our Manaiakalani PLG last week Dorothy invited a special guest speaker, Professor Graeme Aitken (University of Auckland). I found him very inspiring as he talked about inquiring collaboratively into effective teaching practise. For learners to be successful we need focus on three areas: Interest and Enjoyment of Learning, Confidence and Achievement.

This made me think of my own teaching practise and what I can do create enjoyment, build self confidence with my learners so that they can achieve. I am now looking at resources and activities like maths board games, cards and create some Explain Everything activities to keep children motivated and interested in their learning.

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  1. I found Professor Graeme Aitken presentation inspiring too.
    I had the opportunity to visit your classroom today and saw very clear evidence of you embedding these important principles into your programme.
    I loved hearing a student say "yeah reading time, I love reading" - enjoyment for learner right there! Your range of learning activities were very impressive.
    Thanks for your time today.