Tuesday, 19 May 2015

From concrete to abstract

Maths group lesson:
These children are using  counters to work out a simple addition problem using the tens frame. Once they were confident using materials we tried similar addition word problems on our iPads. The children had to make two different coloured counters and then duplicate more counters to complete the word problem. Duplicating counters helped them work out how many more counters they needed for that equation. They worked really hard and they can now do this task independently as a follow up activity on their iPad.

Using different coloured counters
to work out problem on tens frame.

We practised a few word problems.
We then tried doing word problems on our iPads
Connor finds it easy to  duplicate counters and is
highly focussed on his task.
Teokatai is thinking carefully about the
amount of counters  he needs for this problem.

Izaiah worked hard and now he can do it all by himself.

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