Monday, 18 June 2018

Digital Intensive Fluency (DFI) : Day 3

Another great day with lots of learning. This term all Manaiakalani schools are focussing on Create. The key message for me is that teachers need to embrace the digital learning environment and use it as a tool or a harness to capture students creativity which could be represented in various forms for example sport, dance, drama, arts food and craft. I particularly like this quote and visual presentation showing creativity.

Live Stream
I am really fortunate to had had multiple opportunities to watch a live stream video feed at Pt.England School. Kent shared many videos and all of them were great (took me back in time). We talked about how this could work at the junior levels and/or even capturing snapshots of our Matariki celebration day. This live stream video was taken using our first drone.
Creativity Motivation and Teamwork.

Google Draw:
An interesting session with Gerhard learning how to draw a self portrait on Google Draw. I got a lot out of this session and discovered how I could use the space around the canvas to hold images I could use and repurpose for my site. This method would save me a lot of time especially when creating buttons for my site. I can also use some ideas that came out of this session on iPads for example: children can take a photo of their reader. they can then use the broken lined shape tool within Explain Everything(Lasso) and cut out the characters to create an animation, retell the story by cropping characters and creating an animation, write/record their story to publish on their blog.

Google Slides:
I use Google slides all the time for learners to access their learning. It was really nice using google slides to create an animation with Dorothy. Some new skills that I got from this session:
select all the shapes and using the arrow keys on the keyboard to move shape to the left or right.
Here is an animation that I created in Google Slides. Lots of learning but also heaps of fun.

We ended the day with Lee-Ann and her colleague showing us how to create our own digital Pepeha.

My Digital Pepeha Thank-You Helen. S for your guidance and support
in helping me with this slideshow.


  1. It is great to read about the ways you are applying this learning to your own class and context. I love seeing a South African pepeha!

    1. Thanks Dorothy.
      I am really enjoying the sessions. Susan and I have a few ideas of hooking the learners and increasing engagement levels in the classroom. I enjoyed creating a digital pepeha. It was a challenging, quite difficult task and must thank Helen.S. for her support and guidance in completing the slideshow.

  2. Evening Khismira, you are right it was very inspiring watching how we can use live feeds in our schools. Even the idea of having the children more involved with other digital technology to help create is exciting.