Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Inquiry 2015

How to create independent iPad learning activities for high cognitive engagement for Year 1's?

This is my first time teaching using one on one devices in my classroom. It  going to be a very busy and exciting year but we're taking it step by step with the juniors. Mrs. George comes once a week to assist us in using our iPads and we have lots of support from our colleagues.

We are presently using the Explain Everything app and learning to use the tools within this app. We started by taking photo's of our friends,  photo's around our school and now photo's of things in our classroom. 

We can't wait for Mrs. George to come in and teach us how to use a stylus and create pages within Explain Everything.


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  1. What a challenge you have! I look forward to seeing what you trial, and how you develop higher order thinking activities for your Year 1s.